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Khosi Nkomo

Khosi Nkomo


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Software Architect & Entrepreneur

Hi, as you may have noticed from the site, my name is Khosi 🙂 I am a software engineer, software architect, and budding entrepreneur. On this site you will find my thoughts on a number of different topics related to travel, fitness, entrepreneurship, business ventures, software architecture and software engineering.

If you have any thoughts or you want to interact with me, feel free to message me on any one of my socials or directly through the contacts page.

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Personal Information

  • NameKhosi Nkomo
  • ResidenceAmsterdam, Netherlands
  • FreelanceOpen to projects/colloboration



Always happy to collaborate on the next venture! Contact me if you feel we can work together on a project

Platform Architecture

Architecting platforms

Web Development

15 years in digital transformations. Programming online platforms that move services from traditional mediums to the digital landscape.